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( This text refers to the study: Divan HA, Kheifets L, Obel C, "Prenatal and postnatal exposure to cell phone use and behavioral problems in children at the age of seven."; Epidemiology , Juli 2008; 19 : 523-529; as it is described on ... )

Last update: 2013/01/13

As my own experiences with exposition to DECT-radiation caused by my neighbours in different apartment-buildings more and more obviously seemed to be similar to the phenomena in children suffering from ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) as they have been reported in the media, but in a more adult way - I was not surprised by the result of the study. I had already expected exactly that.

As I had reported my own symptoms and findings already to the different responsible institutions here in Germany, before I had knowledge from the study - it seemed that I was now able to prove, that adults can have similar symptoms depending on DECT or very near situated mobile phone transmitting stations.

The corresponding phenomena are:

  • The brain activity is increased (hyperactivity) or disturbed (concentration problems).
  • Because of that the intellectual fitness and performance and the behaviour is concerned (positively or negatively).
  • Only a small part of the society is concerned, but this part is often strongly affected concerning the well being and fitness.
  • The phenomena seem to appear independent from other possible causes, but - according to other studies and case descriptions - different causes, like f.ex. mercury, histamine, endocrinological or neurological causes, causes in the digestive system e.t.c. and different electrosmog sources can produce similar symptoms. That means: In the isolated case electrosmog is not always the cause or not always the only cause.
  • The a.m. study was repeated and confirmed in 2010! As far as I understood, the probability, that a child will have behaviour disorders, rises by about 50 %, if the mother uses a cordless phone or mobile phone during pregnancy and the child uses such a phone before the age of seven! That means: Considering a big number of persons up to the age of seven, electrosmog seems to be the only detected cause for a rise in behaviour disorders!

In my case, a hypersensibility (or hypersensitivity) can be proved from early childhood up to 2008 (46 years). For example, I have always been able to perceive the radiation from TV-sets. I have always had a stronger sensibility for moods and trends in the environment or society. I belong to the species "artist" - these are people who are able to detect things which are wrong. And I had problems with several food stuffs and medicaments. The cause for the latter is a histamine intolerance.

A coherence between mercury from different sources ( mainly amalgam fillings ), medicaments, nutrition, metabolism disorders and symptoms like autism, hypersensitivity and electrosensitivity can be assumed in my case. With the removal of the amalgam fillings in 2008 autism and other mild disorders in identity, personality and behaviour were gone!

An increasing hyperactivity was stopped by the removal of a parathyroid gland adenome in 2009. A big part of the hyperactivity had already disappeared after changing the electrosmog situation by moving to another flat in 2007. In the former flat the perceptible electrosmog was probably caused by unproper electricity works below my flat in the year 2004.

For example a histamine-intolerance, a hyperparathyroidism or hypercalcaemia or certain medication can cause similar phenomena like electrosmog, that means: phenomena similar to those reported by electrosensitive people. And: Electrosmog could be a stress factor beside others for endocrinological phenomena, like f.ex. a histamine-intolerance. The histamine production in the body increases with physical, mental and psychic stress. Persons with a histamine intolerance cannot reduce the histamine level in the body to a normal one. They have a fluctuating histamine poisoning.

It is important to investigate the conditions under which the symptoms appear. The conditions can be an indication for different causes at the same time. Electrosmog can be one cause beside others!

On 2008/07/04 I sent in a petition for the right to a radiation-free environment as far as possible and for the whole politics in Germany to be aimed at a radiation-free environment as far as possible.

Of course, the politicians in Germany try to push the problem to EU level. But the threshold values come from the ICNIRP in Germany, as far as I understood.

Threshold values are a popular desinformation method: They suggest, that there is an area, where the radiation or the harmful substance is harmless.

In 2010 I informed the Federal Medical Association in Germany ( Bundesärztekammer ) about my website and that the risk management and knowledge management in the Public Health system and the diagnosis of histamine intolerance should be improved.

I do not have the time to offer a complete English version. For further and current information ( Aktuelles ) look at the German version . It contains Links to websites in English or in German, where you can find English versions of some documents concerning mercury, electrosmog and electrohypersensitivity.


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